Book Binding

We do all types of book bindings

  1. Soft Binding: Soft binding, or perfect binding, uses glue to attach pages to a flexible cover. Common in novels and magazines.

  2. Hard Binding: Also called case binding, it sews pages in sections and encases them in a durable hardcover. Used for textbooks and premium editions.

  3. Golden Binding: Refers to decorative elements like foil stamping, enhancing a book's cover, often for luxury editions.

  4. Spiral Binding: Pages are hole-punched and bound with a coil, allowing for easy page-turning. Used in notebooks and planners.

  5. Wire-O Binding: Similar to spiral binding but uses a double-loop wire. Ideal for reports, calendars, and presentations.

Soft Binding₹150 - 400
Hard Binding₹150 - 750
Golden Binding₹300 - 800
Spiral Binding₹40 - 250
Wiro Binding₹60 - 250